Thursday, December 22, 2016


Life has an interesting way of leading us down strange paths doesn't it?
Three and a half months ago My family and I moved into a bigger home and I started a new job almost immediately after. We have received so  many blessings that (If I knew how to twitter) I would blow up the #blessed hash tag. 

My new schedule has been hard. It's 6o hours a week from 5 pm to 5 am. that's right the dreaded second shift. The surprise is, that my kids have been so respectful of my daily sleep routine which is basically all day, only spending a couple hours a day with them before I leave in the evening. 

Unsurprising, I have little to no time for anything else. 

In my absence to this site I can't express enough gratitude  that views are continuing to happen even though I haven't posted in awhile. 

Thank you so much for staying with me whoever you are, wherever you are. I have readers in Great Britain, Germany and Russia, and of course all over America. Thank you so much for your support in reading this dumb guys rantings. 

I started this blog as a way to keep me writing and practising my skills, It started as a poetry blog, then morphed into short stories (and then other random stuff) some of what I wrote is pretty good, some other things... not so much. I followed old habits from my journal days and wrote as if somebody else was reading, and now I do believe that you are, and returning to read more. 
Happy Holidays!

I have added you to my #blessed list (it's in my head...seriously I have twitter fright)

Thank you for Reading!!! 


And don't worry, I'll be back next year with new tricks up my sleeves, and plenty of spillage from my overactive imagination. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Hour Glass

Pray for the victims of the shooting at the Pulse.       In light of the tragedy at the Pulse, In Orlando, Florida last night my heart has been heavy with the sense of the loss being experienced by those of the fifty people savagely murdered by Omar Mateen. Isis alliances or not, this is as heavy blow to American freedoms as any other hate crime. My love and heart is with those who have lost some one in this tragedy.


My heart is with those who survived also; the injury’s run deeper than the flesh wounds inflicted. I can’t image the depth of physiological pain and confusion being experienced at this time, and I pray you make a full recovery. In honor to those who's lives were cut short, those who survived and directly affected by this act of terror, I wrote the following Poem.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Batman: Dead end

Batman Pencil art        As my readers may know I am a major Batman fan. I can remember saving my lunch money all week so I could walk along side three miles of an aqueduct to my Comic book store to buy my favorite title's. Legends of the Dark Night, Batman: Detective Comics, Year one, and of course The Dark Knight Returns. while you read my works you will find a certain flavor of Batman in everything I write.
       It may come to no surprise to you to find out that I am very sensitive to great works of Batman lore, which begs the question...


Friday, June 3, 2016

Poetry 101

     I've been asked to write a lot of poems for people in my time, the first one wasn't really a request for original work but a borrowing of one I wrote to a girl, but it wasn't a poem. The Letter expressing my feelings to a sophomore girl didn't rhyme, keep time or contain stanza's; it wasn't metered nor stacked in lines or columns it was a simple letter to girl I had crushed on for over a year, I was afraid to give it to her and never did. My friend found it and begged to have it, he said "That poem you wrote is gold! The chicks go crazy over it!"

     I was to manly to  admit that I wrote a love poem when I was 16. I was going to be comic artist, and all my time was spent increasing my skills as such. I still wrote small poems here and there over the year's, and I wrote regularly in my journals, crafting alternate tales to fill my pages because I never did anything; I spent most of my days in my room listening to the radio and drawing. After High school I was at my Art table and I drew an elvish figure with a sword, and for some reason the image felt important and I wrote next to it "Tale's Fairies Tell" I knew the story was going to be so epic that I needed to switch gears and become a writer, I pulled out a note pad and started scribbling, and I have never stopped.

     What does this have to do with poetry you ask? Poets are writers and only fool themselves when they think they are not. Poets tell story's that speak for and to the emotional centers of the readers. Poets are the great puppet masters of the heart and move it to act and react to the passions of the writers own heart, a great poet can make you feel the very heart beat in which it was written.

I don't know if I'm a great poet, I like simple story's with beginnings and ends; I like a good punch line, I just like to write. Yet, there have been a lot of people asking me to teach them how to write poetry, And I have thought about it for a long time, mostly because I never think about it, I just do it.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Stampy's Lovely Ryhme

Joseph Garrett aka Stampylongnose aka Stampy cat
Its no secret that I'm a Minecraft fan, I've been playing it since it launched on the X-Beox. While I was becoming familiar with this fantastic game, a You Tuber named Stampylongnose was also starting his adventurers on X-Box's version of Minecraft, but rather then making a  "lets play you tube video"(where we viewers watch the player play different games,as was his format) he created "Stampys lovely world" an on going story play  letting us watch as he builds and contentiously add's on to his world with his friends Also creating massive games that he then plays. My son watches him loyally and although I do not, I have seen enough to know how fun he is to watch. Stampy Cat, this ones for you!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Writers Meh

           I sat on the edge of my bed with my notebook on my lap. The news was on in the background as the babies are fighting in the living room. The sounds and screams of alleged infanticide echoed down the hall, killing all my drive to write. My preteen son was also screaming as he tried manage the situation the best he knew how, and from the torrential response I could tell his approach was the wrong one.

           I just wanted to write... but for some reason I drew a blank. My son yelled again, and ironically, the news being played was about a murder of a teenage girl; I thought for a second that I should intervene with my children, but I knew they would resolve it themselves, as they had before. I sighed as I searched each of my open projects and knew I had material for each of them but a weariness washed over me as another wail blasted from the other room. I sadly knew I would get nothing done again.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Mythical Rhyme!

Rhett and Link
Rhett and Link (Good mythical Morning) are my favorite duo...(beside Batman and whoever he is working with on that day) These guys are a lot of fun to watch. Writing a poem about them actually make's me feel like a monkey with a type writer, although some of my fan's would say that I really am one...One of my favorite R&L videos is down below. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Name Is Miranda!

Here is another one of my original epic You Tuber poem's! This one is in honor of the most famous You Tube personality there never was! Miranda Sings. If you have never heard of her you are in for a treat, I have included my favorite video down below. In the mean time enjoy
my poem!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

MineCraft VR!

I love Minecraft, I play it all the time with my son. So when I found out that Minecraft was released for the Gear VR I
was excited! When Nate called and asked me to write a poem for his Minecraft video, I was like "Duh! Do I even need a reason to write Minecraft poetry?" I guess the answer was yes, because this is my first one...Enjoy!

My Castle

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Nerdy Nummies!

So I have done a couple poems based on My brother, Nate Miller's You Tube channel and I got thinking "Why dont I write a few poems about some of my (and my kids) Favorite You tubers!" (sorry Nate, you are not the only one on the internet) So This one Popped right out of my head as soon as this idea hit me. Its based on Rosanna Pansino's you tube channel "Nerdy Nummies!"